Welcome To IIT Bombay!

This website has been made to introduce incoming freshers to life at IIT Bombay. Explore this website and use it to make an informed choice about your college and department. The Student Mentor Program has set up this website. We have addressed almost all the important questions on this website, but it might not cover them all. Please feel free to post any query on the Query Portal. Have fun!


  • All students who have frozen their seats at IIT Bombay, please join the facebook group here
  • To stay tuned for further updates follow us on Instagram
  • Contact information for prospective women students: jeew.helpdesk@iitb.ac.in
  • The branch change policy would be the same in IIT Bombay as it has been for the previous years. Visit Branch Change to know more about the same.
  • FAQs and Query Portal


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